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Annual Company Dinners

Organizing an annual company dinner in Singapore can be a rewarding experience that fosters team spirit and strengthens professional relationships. Here at SensesCo, here’s the steps we take when we plan your annual company dinner to ensure that it’s a successful event:

1. Define Objectives:

  • Determine the purpose of the event. Is it a celebration, team-building, networking, or a combination?
  • Set clear goals, such as boosting employee morale, recognizing achievements, or enhancing company culture.

2. Budgeting:

  • Establish a budget that includes venue costs, catering, decorations, entertainment, and any additional expenses.
  • Consider negotiating packages with venues and vendors for better deals.

3. Select a Venue:

  • Choose a venue that suits the event’s theme and accommodates your expected number of attendees.
  • Consider accessibility, parking facilities, and public transportation options for convenience.

4. Catering:

  • Research and choose a catering service that offers a variety of menu options.
  • Consider dietary restrictions and preferences of your employees.

5. Theme and Decorations:

  • Decide on a theme that aligns with the company culture or the event’s purpose.
  • Coordinate decorations, table settings, and any other visual elements to enhance the theme.

6. Entertainment:

  • Plan entertainment that suits the atmosphere and preferences of your team.
  • Options include live music, DJs, motivational speakers, or team-building activities.

7. Invitations:

  • Send out invitations well in advance, including date, time, venue details, and RSVP instructions.
  • Use online tools or professional printing services for polished invitations.

8. Logistics:

  • Coordinate transportation, if necessary, especially if the venue is not easily accessible.
  • Ensure that audiovisual equipment and technical support are available if you have presentations or speeches.

9. Program Schedule:

  • Develop a detailed program schedule to keep the event organized.
  • Allocate time for speeches, awards, entertainment, and other activities.

10. Photography and Documentation:

  • Hire a professional photographer or designate someone to capture the event.
  • Consider creating a video recap or highlights reel.

11. Acknowledgements and Recognition:

  • Recognize and appreciate employees for their contributions.
  • Plan awards or acknowledgments for outstanding achievements.

12. Feedback and Evaluation:

  • After the event, gather feedback from attendees to improve future events.
  • Evaluate the success of the event based on your initial goals and objectives.

13. Follow-Up:

  • Express gratitude to attendees, sponsors, and contributors.
  • Share event photos and highlights through company communication channels.